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There are no right or wrong reasons why individuals seek out a therapeutic
or psychological support. It is as simple and complex as needing someone other
than friends or family to listen.  Therapy offers focused and compassionate listening
with the intention to make sense of what may be creating  distress , suffering or confusion. Change is supported and facilitated by this emergent process. 


A physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts.



At Gestalt Concepts  small  mentoring/ supervision  groups are regularly run
for  professionals wishing to further develop their  skills, to garner support from
peers and to develop their own personal  resilience and capacities.


These groups will be supported to examine the choices we make in our work.  To appreciate these choices are always informed by both personal and professional influences. They also take time to deepen understanding of relational theories and philosophies that underpin our every day thinking. What we focus on with our patients, clients  and colleagues and what we ignore or don’t notice and  how this influences our interventions.


These groups are suitable for health professionals, team mangers, senior mangers
who seek a confidential, safe, rigorous professional development and support. 



Gestalt Concepts offers a range of services to organisations.

  • Mentoring and supervision.

  • Bespoke training courses

  • Individual coaching

  • Support services

Our coaching vision for managers and executives extends beyond the traditional coaching approaches to include the necessary development of personal insight into underlying characterlogical perspectives. Personal approach that impact on every day management of staff, interpretations of feedback and responses from complex work environments.

Gestalt Concepts also offers a special interest area of working with family companies and businesses These very unique organisations  are  complex and can be deeply conflicted environments. 

Gestalt Concepts provides a supportive framework  to facilitate  the process of  managing these complex, intimate family systems. Assisting with contemporizing of traditional business practices.  Supporting successful  succession planning ,transition  processes and development of more progressive communication capacities

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