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Gestalt Concepts is an organisation informed by a Gestalt sensibility. 

Gestalt Concepts engages in work with individuals, groups, organisations and offers professional development opportunities


A Gestalt sensibility is informed by contemporary relational theories.  Theories of human development which are understood as an ongoing embodied experience, continually emerging and informed by the inextricable embedded -ness of lived experience of past, present
and future contexts.


Gestalt Concepts calls on a synthesis of contemporary psychotherapeutic theories. Theories developed by ideas drawn from the nature of our 
human connectedness.


These ideas hold embodied experience together with the intrinsic  
values of a rigorous commitment to dialogue, respect and compassion for people’s experience and an appreciation of the complexity and uniqueness of living systems.


The practice ethic at Gestalt Concepts draws on the notion of hospitality. An attitude that is welcoming, respectful, inviting and curious. Thus allowing for the unique experience of the individual or  organisation
to be supported, articulated and understood.


The therapeutic intention of understanding an individual’s concerns through the exploration and appreciation of the myriad of complex aspects of a person lived and embodied experience or unified whole.  Understanding that current experience is being constantly informed by elements of past experience and our hopes and fears held for the unfolding future.


Gestalt is a growth orientated and relational approach to living and working with people. The Gestalt perspective is a well lived life is grounded in a person’s awareness of how they live their life,  what informs their choices and how they conduct their relationships within their current context. Gestalt seeks to promote self awareness, support creative choice, encourage responsibility and facilitate capacity in a person’s efforts to realize a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Claire Taubert
MAPS, Consulting Psychologist

Claire Taubert BBSc, BSc, Bed(Counselling) MAPS. GANZ ( Clin.) Claire is the Co-founder and past Managing Director of Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA). She has been involved in the Australian and International Gestalt community as a student, trainer, therapist, supervisor, mentor and member of the GANZ council for over 25 years. She was originally trained in Melbourne, U.K. and San Diego and has furthered her interests in relational Gestalt with an ongoing training and relationship with the Pacific Gestalt Institute (USA) where she associate faculty.  She is the founder and current director of Gestalt Concepts, Melbourne.

Claire has run a psychotherapy and psychology practice in Melbourne and Ballarat for over 30 years where she works as a relationally orientated psychotherapist and psychologist.


Claire also works as a consultant to various community and mental health and medical organisations, facilitating groups and providing supervision, mentoring and support to managers and health workers.  Claire is interested by how early relational and attachment experience manifests as enduring character styles in adulthood.  Her interests in developmental processes extends to the process of training therapists and how groups and organisations develop and function as complex entities. 

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